Event Services

From small events to fully managed arenas and broadcast solutions

From event logistics to hardware rental, from broadcast solutions to complete event management, we know how to make your event a success no matter where you choose to host it. We have been running gaming events for 19 years, and with hundreds of events under our belt you can take advantage of our experience to ensure your event runs smoothly. With a long history of success event delivery, we have what it takes to make your event a huge success.

Press events, shopping centre tours, conventions, LANs, exhibitions, esports tournaments, roadshows, game launches; in every possible arena, we’ve delivered.

Event Management

Logistics, planning, promotion, staff, equipment; let us take care of everything

We have vast experience of working on every type of event you can possibly think of, from product launches and press events to conventions and eSports tournaments, and everything in-between! Our experienced event team know how to ensure your event goes off without a hitch, and work with suppliers, contractors and venues to avoid all the subtle pit falls that crop up to foil your perfect event.

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Hardware Rental & Bespoke Stand Builds

From high spec gaming PC’s to 65″ 4k TV’s; we’ve got it

With our huge range of Gaming PCs which are VR ready, TVs, Monitors, Peripherals, Consoles, Networking, Servers & more, we have the kit you need for your event and at a price that makes it affordable for every type of budget! From our years of creating events for companies across the globe, we have a huge stock of just about everything you could possibly need to get your event off the ground.

  • Virtual reality gaming set ups – step into games with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
  • Huge range of computers including VR ready hi spec gaming machines to discret Alienware Alpha mini PCs.
  • Variety of monitors including low latency 144Hz gaming panels, 4K TVs ranging from 43” to 60” and large format touch screen displays.
  • Large stock of next generation consoles – Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Wii U’s.
  • Selection of Razer gaming peripherals to suit all needs
  • Audio and visual set ups to cover everything from a one man streaming solution, a simple PA system all the way through to professional studio broadcasts.
  • Tailor made power and network distribution designed specifically to suit the needs of the venue and event.
  • Bespoke stand design and installation including highly adaptable T3.

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Broadcast Solutions

Let us take the lead in your events broadcast production

Broadcast production is one of the more complex services we offer here at Multiplay, but no matter how large or small you broadcast requirements we have everything you need. We’ve taken on some huge projects, with the Insomnia Gaming Festival and Mojang’s MINECON to name just two! Our broadcast standard equipment offers the highest level of production quality, while our team of experienced engineers know what is required to make your broadcast a success whether its a huge stage production or complex Esports tournament.

Our services include full HD broadcast solutions, global streaming, live to drive recording, post production, video distribution, stage & set design, sound & lighting design and much more!

We can work with you to discover what your event really needs, and provide tailored services to deliver above your expectations; just tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen!

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Esports Tournaments

We’ve been running esports events for over a decade; let us run yours!

Our history of running esports tournaments is a long and rich one. We paved the way for esports tournaments in the UK, and still to this day run some of the biggest tournaments in the UK for all of the most popular competitive titles!

We have also partnered with organisations across the world over the last decade to deliver esports tournaments both at events and online, and through our unique position in the industry have promoted such tournaments with great success to huge audiences, as well as creating our tournament the Truesilver Championship in association with Blizzard.

To find out more about how we work within esports around the world, head over to our esports Pages!

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