Enterprise Hosting

Our extensive worldwide network has what you need, where you need it

We have the expertise to host what you need, where you need. It’s really that simple.

Our experienced team have worked on projects for many of the world’s biggest names in gaming, and know what it takes to ensure that your product has what it needs to succeed online. From kernel development for FreeBSD to implementing the query and RCON protocol used by Minecraft, we have the experience that makes the difference. With over 26 locations worldwide we also have the ability to get bring your services closer to the customer, including sites throughout North America, Canada, Europe, Russia, Australia and Singapore.

From enterprise website hosting to complex CDN’s, our experienced development team can work closely with you to tailor our services to your needs.


High Availability Platforms

From existing sites to new hosting set-ups; we can help

One of our traits is our ability to work alongside you to develop your hosting architecture. Using our years of experience in the industry, we can bring you cost savings by designing and implementing effective solutions to your individual issues. We’re not just a place to get great resources; every project we do is directly tailored to your requirements, then informed and shaped by your needs and input.

We are experts at delivering mission-critical systems for even the most demanding applications and platforms. In the past we’ve worked closely with such industry giants as IGN to create an individualised hosting setup for their broad network of sites and content-delivery platforms, a solution that perfectly matched their specific tailored requirements.

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Custom Web Development

From the latest technologies to responsive ubiquitous designs, we can build what you need

Whatever your needs, we can provide the web solution for you. Our experienced development team work with the latest web tech to make beautiful, responsive websites to your requirements, and keep you updated at every step of the way to ensure the final product is delivered on time and above expectations.

We have worked with many high profile clients for over a decade to develop sites ranging from content and news sites to full video streaming and CDN platforms. With a history of working on secure systems and dealing with sensitive information, you can trust us to deliver what you need in a safe, secure, and respectful manner.

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Content Delivery Network

Ensuring great performance, across the globe

We work with games technology across the world to deliver content all the way from small graphics to full game downloads from multiple sites in our worldwide network. Our diverse network allows us to achieve great performance by bringing the content closer to the end user, avoiding long waits for users to obtain your content and slow performance in games.

We have handled some huge game releases and BETA download distributions, and currently work closely with a number of high profile customers to get their content to gamers quickly. Our global network allows us to instantly scale the demand for content up or down depending your requirements, and provide high bandwidth distribution to gamers around the world.

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