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Event Services

From small events to fully managed arenas and broadcast solutions

Besides running the UK’s Biggest Gaming Festival, we also help coordinate, manage, and provide for many third party events. From logistics to hardware rental, from broadcast solutions to complete event management, we know how to deliver your event no matter where you choose to host it. We have been running gaming events for nearly two decades, and with hundreds of events under our belt you can take advantage of our experience to ensure everything runs smoothly. With a history of industry and event networking over almost two decades, we can source any talent necessary to make your event a success.

Press events, shopping centre tours, conventions, LANs, exhibitions, esports tournaments, roadshows, game launches; in every possible arena, we’ve delivered.

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Promotional Services

Putting your products in front of your target market

Whether you are looking to market your product online or at events, we know how to get your message to the people who want to know more. Our online network of sites see millions of page impressions a month, direct to a dedicated fan-base of online gamers.

We are also home to the biggest gaming events in the UK with over 100,000 gamers visiting our shows each year, giving you the perfect platform to get your product to your key demographic.

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Game Hosting Services

Our industry leading tools and vast experience will give you the edge you need

Some of the biggest names in the gaming industry have trusted us to handle their titles, offering an end to end service, including consultancy, solution design, hosting and support. When it comes to deploying and hosting multiplayer games our team has the expertise you need to get your game in the hands of your players.

We aim to make your game’s release stress free, and over the past 15 years we have been instrumental in the release of numerous high profile games. Our services are not limited to AAA titles, we believe in supporting the full range of developers from the single Indie developer all the way to the AAA development studios.

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Enterprise Hosting

Our extensive worldwide network has what you need, where you need it

We have the expertise to host what you need, where you need. It’s really that simple. Our experienced team have designed solutions for some of the world’s biggest names in gaming, and know what it takes to ensure that your product has what it needs to succeed online. With over 27 locations worldwide we also have the ability to get your services working in the right locations, East Coast US, West Coast US, Central US, Latin America, Europe, Eurasia and Asia Pacific.

From high performance website hosting to complex CDN’s, our team can work closely with you to create a solution which meets your needs.

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