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Our vision

Our vision is to be the most recognised and trusted game services company in the industry. Delivering a premium service to our consumers and clients worldwide, both on and offline.

Our mission is to bring people together through unique experiences that can’t be achieved anywhere else.

Who we work with

Over the years we have established and grown relationships with some of the biggest names in the gaming and tech industry, and beyond. In every arena from online hosting to fully branded and licensed events, we’ve delivered. Our client list currently includes Samsung, Mojang, EA, DICE, Jagex Studios, Trion Worlds, Paradox Interactive, Crytek and more!

20 years of pure
gaming passion

In 1997 Craig “Wizzo” Fletcher dropped out of medical school to found Multiplay, a company built to formalise his university hobby of running small LAN gaming events into a recognised business.

Multiplay is passionate about gaming and providing unparalleled experiences to gamers across the globe – from state of the art consumer and enterprise hosting, powered by Clanforge®, to the event production of major third party events, including running MineCon since 2015, to the running of the Insomnia Gaming Festival, the UK’s largest games event incorporating LAN gaming areas, eSports tournaments an exhibition hall and more.

GAME Digital acquired Multiplay in March 2015.

A great place to work

As a growing company, Multiplay is always on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about delivering high quality gaming services. For all of our currently listed job roles, visit our Careers page.

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Our interest is in helping you to further your business, through tackling your problems and coming up with viable resolutions no matter the needs of the task.

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About Game Digital PLC

GAME Digital PLC is the UK’s leading high-street videogames retailer. GAME is committed to delivering for the gaming communities of the UK online, in-store, on mobile and through its app. With a market-leading reward proposition, incredible exclusive content and great deals, GAME is the number one destination for all gaming needs.

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Latest News

The latest updates, insights and releases from Multiplay

Boneloaf and Multiplay partner to host online game Gang Beasts

Multiplay & Boneloaf are excited to announce a new partnership to provide game server hosting for the early access online game Gang Beasts. Since the Gang Beasts online beta in August 2016, Boneloaf have been [...]

Mojang awards Multiplay the license to run Blockfest, official Minecraft community events

Brand new official Minecraft community events from one of the producers of MINECON 24 August 2017 - GAME Digital Plc today announced Multiplay has secured the license to run BlockFest, official Minecraft community events that will [...]

Multiplay partners with Ready At Dawn Studios to host multiplayer VR game Echo Arena

Just a month after Lone EchoTM won the Game Critics Award for Best VR Game at E3, Multiplay – the award winning Game Server Hosting specialist announces that it is hosting Ready At Dawn’s [...]

Multiplay wins the Develop award for best Technology Provider 2017!

We are honoured to announce that Multiplay has won the Develop Award for best Technology Provider 2017. The award follows significant investment into launching the revolutionary Clanforge enterprise cloud scaling technology coupled with the world [...]

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