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Hybrid Cloud

The perfect blend of bare metal and cloud, Hybrid Cloud is the most resilient and scalable way to host your game. With support included as standard.

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Managed Infrastructure

Enterprise-grade dedicated bare metal servers, battled-tested by studios worldwide. Supported by an elite team of game hosting infrastructure experts.

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Managed Cloud

AWS or Google Cloud, Multiplay’s orchestration layer and expert team ensure a peak online experience, at a reduced cost.

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Professional Services

24/7/365 global support and consultancy from a team with over 20 years’ experience hosting hundreds of multiplayer games.

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You’re in good company

What’s the difference?

Without getting bogged down in the jargon and technicalities here (this is a webpage, not a white paper after all), when it comes to hosting your game you’ve got three main choices:

Managed Infrastructure

Managed Infrastructure is perhaps the most used currently, with games hosted on physical servers or ‘bare metal’. This approach offers a cost-effective yet performant solution because you can negotiate long-term agreements with vendors to suit your capacity requirements. With a vetted network of infrastructure, Multiplay reduces the risk and effort involved with using bare metal.

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Managed Cloud

Cloud is often the preferred option when flexibility is essential. With the capacity and reach that cloud providers like Google Cloud Platform and AWS provide, you can scale at speed, which is ideal if you have unpredictable levels of users. All of this power and flexibility comes at a cost however, which is where Multiplay’s orchestration layer and expert team can help.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is Multiplay’s blend of both Managed Infrastructure and Managed Cloud, offering the performance and cost-efficiency of bare metal, with the flexibility of the cloud. By utilizing bare metal for the bulk of your capacity and only bursting into cloud when needed, you save money and your gamers get a seamless experience. Hybrid Cloud is the most scalable, resilient solution available.

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