Promotional Services

We know how to get your product in-front of the people who want to know more

Whether you are looking to market your product online or at events, we know how to get your message to the people who want to know more.

We are also home to the biggest gaming events in the UK with tens of thousands of people visiting our shows each year, giving you the perfect platform to get your product to your key demographic.

If you’re looking for a total and inclusive solution to your promotional worries then look no further; As a full service agency, we combine all areas of our expertise into a single service package, allowing us to improve your brand through a combination of event delivery, online campaigns, social media and more.

Event Promotion

Get your products & services in-front of your target audience

Our gaming events are the perfect platform to get your products and services in-front of gamers that want to know more about what you do, and our event exhibitions, live stage arenas and gaming halls are the perfect place to do it! We had a total footfall of almost 100,000 during our 2015 gaming events.

It doesn’t just stop at product placement however, as not only can we get your brand in-front of gamers but we can also offer a range of promotional packages ranging from stage time and talks to exclusive event deals and exhibition space.

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Online Marketing

You could utilize our 100k+ social media followers and 5 million monthly page impressions

Our online network offers a comprehensive range of sites, from game servers to the community forums, all of which offer a huge platform from which to market your products to your key demographic.

It’s not just standard media marketing that we can deliver across our sites however; our experienced marketing team can work with you to create a custom package of promotion across one or all of our sites, using a range of media rich campaigns and competition ideas.

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Community Interaction

Our community has been growing for over 2 decades to more than 1 million gamers

Our community want to know more about the latest and best gaming products on the market, and interacting with them both online and at our events is one of the best ways of getting your brand to the people that want to know more.

Our community is always growing, and through us you can reach them. Our team can work with you to facilitate promotions to our community, whether that be online through our huge network of sites on face to face at our events.

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