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From small to big to the UK’s biggest

You’re sat, hunkered down in your bunker… the last man left alive. As the enemy team cross the threshold you open fire, taking out one or two of them before they swarm and overcome you. As the screen fades to black, you stand up, walk fifteen paces, and shake the hand of the person who finally got you. The battle might be over, but the war has just begun. Then you both eat an ice cream.

Our events are how we started, and will always be a major factor in what we do. Whether you’re bringing your own PC or console and staying for the entire weekend, or just visiting as a spectator for a day or two, Insomnia is the place to be for videogame advocates and enthusiasts across the country and beyond. Videogames are often seen as an isolating activity, but our events and the grassroots community that has grown up around them turn that notion on its head: We bring the triumphs and tragedies of online gaming, and place them in an awesomely sociable environment. ¬†Come and plug yourself in alongside thousands of other like-minded players.

Not just for seasoned gamers, our events are a great introduction for new LANgoers and visitors alike. With a huge exhibition hall, epic tournaments, and awesome activities to get involved in, it’s never been a better time to attend one of our events as a spectator, either for the day or the whole weekend. All it takes to participate is to take the first step below.

The Insomnia Gaming Festival

The UK’s Biggest Gaming Festival

The pinnacle of our events portfolio is the Insomnia Gaming Festival; the crown of LAN gaming in the UK. The Insomnia festival prides itself on having a rich history, dedicated fan base and unique perspective on gaming, which has seen it go from strength to strength since its inception 17 years ago.

Almost hundred thousand gamers flooded to the Insomnia Gaming Festival last year. In December 2015 Insomnia moved to its new home the NEC, Birmingham, where gamers come to socialize, compete and enjoy gaming at it’s very best; with friends!

Insomnia runs three times a year, each event attracts thousands of gamers to the show, with millions of spectators watching online through our online live streaming coverage. Insomnia consists of a variety of areas to explore; the Huge LAN Gaming Hall where thousands of gamers bring their home gaming systems and play with friends for the 4 days of the event. The Exhibition Hall where some of the biggest names in the gaming industry bring the latest titles and hardware to try out, and the multiple Live Stages where tournament finals, panel talks, social activities, interactive shows and the world famous pub quiz take place! Our popular Minecraft Zone featuring tournaments across a variety of popular custom game-types as well as retail opportunities and so much more. Insomnia also features some of the most popular internet celebrities from the world of YouTube & Twitch.

For more information on what is taking place at our next event, please head over to Insomnia’s Whats on page.

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The little big LAN in Stratford-Upon-Avon

StratLAN is our community LAN based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, for about 150 people, and was founded in 2000. StratLAN (or SLAN as it’s known) is a small social LAN that has remained hugely popular over the years. SLAN does not feature any competitive aspect, instead choosing to focus on fun and social activities, including board games and the occasional drink!

StratLAN is run 4 times a year, and remains the highlight of the calendar for many of the community. Despite being small in comparison to the Insomnia Gaming Festival the 150 player LAN is still a sight to behold, and despite it’s departure from competitive tournaments, coverage and sponsorship there is still a competitive atmosphere when it comes to some of the classic games!

Popularity for SLAN means that tickets often sell very quickly, so make sure you keep an eye out for the news that tickets are going on sale!

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