Project Description

About Bohemia Interactive

Founded in 1999, Bohemia Interactive is a leader in PC simulator gaming with success among title such as Arma, Take On and DayZ.

Our Challenge

In 2013, DayZ started life as an Arma 2 Mod before the creator Dean Hall and Bohemia combined forces to create DayZ Standalone.

When the DayZ mod was originally released, it was a small team headed by Dean working in their spare time independently from Bohemia. The game exploded in popularity overnight, with tens of thousands of players waiting to join a server. Multiplay reached out to Dean and deployed over 10,000 players worth of capacity within 4 hours and integrated the game into Multiplay’s hosting platform.

The Result

This helped Dean turn a very upset player base into happy fans who love the game and continue to play today. Bohemia then employed Dean Hall and his team to create the standalone product and gave Multiplay the contract for all of their core infrastructure.

The standalone game had some fantastic challenges to overcome which meant Multiplay had to architecture a highly powered, bespoke and complicated hardware setup to be able to support over 50,000 concurrent players, all with MMO style persistence.