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EGX 2014 wrap-up – View the Photos

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We were at EGX last month, helping to run content for both the event itself and our various partners and clients.

On top of equipment rentals and management, we also ran full stage production and content planning, as well as prize tournaments on the EGX Minecraft Tournament Zone. Over the course of the weekend thousands of gamers engaged with our various supplied stations throughout the event, whilst hundreds directly entered our tournaments which took place on each live day. The atmosphere was fantastic, and our Minecraft zone was a non-stop hub of business for the entire weekend.

All in all it was an incredibly successful weekend, delivered smoothly, and a great way to send off London’s Earls Court venue prior to its demolition.

You can view the full photo album here. Interested in talking to us about our events work or equipment rentals? Contact us now.

Announcing the Plantronics Gaming CS:GO UK Open

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Competitive Counter Strike continues to move from strength to strength, with more players, more games, and more great tournaments than ever before.

Announcing the Plantronics Gaming CS:GO UK Open. Continuing their fantastic support of the UK esports community, Plantronics Gaming are holding a 32-team Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament on Wednesday the 18th and Thursday the 19th June. With a total prize pool of £300 and headset prizes in the form of 5 x Gamecom 780 and 5 x Gamecom 380 headsets up for grabs, the competition will be fierce for the top spot.


All the action will be hosted by veteran commentator Kyan1te at To view the bracket, check out the official tournament page.

Follow Plantronics Gaming UK on Twitter for the latest news and announcements.


Introducing the future of Esports at Multiplay

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“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” [1]

Esports is the future. In our recent history here at Multiplay, we’ve experienced a meteoric rise in attendance, in prize pools, and in the variety of competitive titles available to play. Even in the past six months alone we’ve worked with some incredible clients and partners to help deliver bespoke events, deploy new competitive titles, and host amazing online tournaments.

Whether competing for large-scale prize pools on well-lit stages or just competing for pizza money and bragging rights with friends, Esports has invaded the lives of gamers the world over in the best possible way. Tens of thousands of players across the world earn or supplement their living through a mastery of sports that take place entirely within virtual worlds. Millions of viewers tune in to nation-sweeping broadcasts on a level often equal to traditional sports. Esports is growing fast, and we’re growing alongside it; with more tournaments, more events, and our biggest ever Insomnia Gaming Festival on the very near horizon, we’ve decided to take the small step that precedes every giant leap.

Introducing Multiplay Esports, our new Esports-focused brand. Dedicated to the trials and joys of competitive gaming in all forms, Multiplay Esports is [spoilers] the home of Esports at Multiplay. We know, it’s a shocking revelation. As you can see above, the ‘O’ in the new logo is actually our classic Multiplay disc because we have a creative marketing team.

Drawing from two decades of experience, Multiplay Esports is all about competitive gaming in every size and shape. From players to teams, live events to online tournaments, and the world and culture surrounding the modern scene, Multiplay Esports will be your one-stop shop for news, info, summaries, and the occasional pithy witticism.

Esports is the future, but it’s also our past, 20 years in the making. Join Multiplay Esports in the present to find out just how much fun it can be.

Follow Multiplay Esports on Twitter.


[1] Opening quote from William Shakespeare’s As You Like It

Final preliminary Insomnia52 tournament list

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Insomnia52 is coming! Our biggest ever Insomnia event is just over the horizon, so take a cursory glance at our preliminary tournament list below. We’ve currently got tournaments scheduled for 8 top competitive games, with a total minimum prize pool of £32,000.

You can find out more about all of our tournaments on the official tournaments page.


(BYOC) Razer League of Legends Cup
£7,500+ Prize Fund
Sponsored by Razer

£6,500+ Prize Fund
Sponsored by ASUS ROG

(BYOC) Team Fortress 2 Cup
£5,000+ Prize Fund

(BYOC) Iiyama Counter Strike Challenge
£5,000+ Prize Fund
Sponsored by Iiyama

(BYOC) Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Fireside Cup
£1,500+ Prize Fund

(BYOC) Starcraft 2 UK Masters
£1,000+ Prize Fund


(TUP) Console Arena: Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360)
£4000+ Prize Fund


£750 prize money (£250 each day, Fri, Sat, Sun)

£750 prize money (£250 each day, Fri, Sat, Sun)

Insomnia51 may be over, but the road to Insomnia52 is only just beginning…

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Insomnia51 has wrapped, and what an event it was. We’re extremely proud of how well it went; feedback has been hugely positive with some constructive criticisms we’re taking on-board for our upcoming summer event, Insomnia52 (22-25 August).


Our first event at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena saw a combined footfall of over 20,000 across the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, participating in all our various activity areas. At the core of course were our LAN gaming halls, bringing over 1600 gamers together on the same network to game, to socialise, and to tentatively watch the new episode of Game of Thrones. “Networking an entirely new venue is always a scary concept,” said Tom Penrose, Networking Team Leader. “But for our first event here we’re all really happy with how well the network held up under the packet-based weight of sixteen-hundred gamers.”


As per usual, our 51st Insomnia event saw the return of competitive gaming with 200 teams flocking to Coventry to compete for fun and profit. Alongside our PC tournaments, a massive area of expansion at Insomnia51 was in console gaming, with the debut of our Esports Console Arena. The area was packed with players and spectators throughout the weekend, resulting in our highest ever console tournament turnout. All of our headline sponsored tournaments received Main Stage showings, and the atmosphere during some of those tense finals was incredible. This event we held tournaments for CoD: Ghosts, Halo 3, CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, Fifa 14 and BF4.


The Exhibition Hall had its best spring yet, with a packed thoroughfare of attendees enjoying a variety of fun tournaments, game showings, product demos, show offers from retailers and more, all thanks to our amazing partners and exhibitors. The Exhibition Hall also contained our Indie Zone, the GamesQuest Tabletop Gaming Area, the RetroActive Retro Zone, and our Minecraft Tournaments, all free to play for all Insomnia51 attendees. We had some impressive special guests in attendance this event, with the liked of BebopVox, HuskyMudkipz, AntVenom, and TheDiamondMinecart gracing us with Meet & Greets and panel talks in our dedicated 650-seat Auditorium. We even had a sneaky stop-in from YouTube titan and all-round gentle-fellow Syndicate of TheSyndicateProject. Lots of happy kids getting to meet their heroes, and lots of confused parents not quite understanding what all the fuss is about.


Activities for attendees weren’t just restricted to the daytime either; Insomnia51 saw a host of evening activities for Festival ticket attendees to participate in. Besides the internationally renowned World Famous Pub Quiz, we also had evening parties hosted in the beautifully presented dispensary that is Bar 87 from League of Legends developer Riot Games and our Dota 2 sponsor ASUS ROG. Both parties provided attendees with a platform to view Esports tournaments, hang out with like-minded people, get their hands on swag, and relax in a casual gaming-focused social environment.


Insomnia51 may be over, but Insomnia52 is only 16 (gulp) weeks away and we’ve got big plans for our first summer event at the Ricoh Arena. BYOC tickets are currently available and if you book and pay for yours before June 2nd you’ll save yourself a pocket-padding 20% in our Early Bird offer! Further ticket types will be announced and released over the coming weeks, alongside our tournament and content announcements, so keep an eye out for the latest.


You can view all our event photos (thanks to our awesome content team) on the Multiplay Flickr page. We’re always looking for more pairs of hands to help the Insomnia Gaming Festival run as smoothly as possible. You can earn your ticket to Insomnia52 by joining our Insomnia Volunteering team! Find out more here.