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Game server player density: tips and tricks to keep costs down

This blog is part two of Multiplay's ongoing Essential Guide to Game Servers series. As one of the most significant factors in determining the cost of hosting your game, game server density is something you have to get right. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked during game development (don’t worry, we won’t judge). To tackle this [...]

2019-05-15T12:12:52+01:00February 13th, 2019|Essential Guide to Game Servers|

Patching a live game server

This blog is part one of our ongoing Essential Guide to Game Servers series. Rolling out a patch can be a pain in the neck. Too much downtime frustrates your fan-base and, if patches are rolled out too often, can push players away from your game for good. Whether it’s fixing a bug, addressing a [...]

2019-05-15T12:13:21+01:00February 8th, 2019|Essential Guide to Game Servers|

Over 14 million concurrent users on cloud: The ultimate game hosting stress test!

Anyone who knows Multiplay will know we love a challenge. Working with the biggest AAA titles, with games operating on an eye-watering scale, we have to! With games now growing in popularity, sometimes seemingly overnight, studios expect hosting providers to be able to scale with demand. To provide some context, Fortnite has around 8m concurrent [...]

2019-02-08T12:55:55+01:00December 14th, 2018|Game Server Hosting|

Multiplay goes global – announcing follow-the-sun support

The gaming world doesn’t sleep. Not really. Somewhere in the world there are millions of gamers having sniper battles, rodeoing titans and scoring virtual hatricks, and servers going down is not an option. Which means that somewhere nearby there’s probably a developer or liveops team watching a bank of monitors nervously. It’s a familiar feeling [...]

2018-11-23T08:31:12+01:00November 22nd, 2018|Game Server Hosting|