Take control of your costs! (Webinar now available)

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With the games industry forecasted to hit $196bn by 2022, there’s no shortage of appetite for online games; so how do you and your team stay around for the long haul?

Running a successful games studio takes more than a great idea (although that certainly helps!). Studios that get ahead make smart choices and their operations are streamlined.

For any studio that’s serious about competing on the real-time multiplayer stage, a key component of your operation is your hosting infrastructure.

Multiplay has always worked with customers to optimize costs. The focus, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, is on the optimal player experience, but it’s naive to ignore your operation costs.

After working on over 500 titles, including the likes of Apex Legends, Path of Exile and Rocket League, we’ve picked up a few tidbits that we’d like to share with you.

How to watch the webinar

The webinar is part of Unite Now, and can be accessed here

In the talk we cover the five key areas we believe you should explore to take control of your costs:

  • Player experience: How does hosting impact player experience, what can go wrong and what can you do to optimize your infrastructure?
  • Game server type: Bare metal vs Public cloud vs Multi-cloud. There’s only one winner.
  • Operating systems: Why Windows is costing you money (more than you might realize, especially if you’re using cloud only).
  • Capacity planning: Some considerations for your own capacity planning workshop and an analysis of the cost of getting it wrong.
  • Patching: Scheduled maintenance vs live patching and the cost of downtime.

We hope you find it useful. If you’ve got any questions about anything discussed in the webinar, then please get in touch.

You’ll also find heaps of other useful content on the Unite Now site, specifically designed to help you launch, operate, and monetize your game.


Paul, Larry and Joe, Multiplay team

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