Operating your game during the demand surge

Record numbers of players causing a strain? We’ve got you.

As widely reported by leading media outlets worldwide, an unprecedented number of players are online; a trend that is set to continue in the coming days and weeks. This is driving record demand on services and infrastructure to support those games.

In parallel, we are seeing supply chains for critical components to operate games being put under heavy stress, as physical plants and transportation are impacted by coronavirus.

Unity cloud services, which includes both Multiplay server hosting and Vivox voice chat, supports dozens of AAA games with hundreds of millions of active players around the world. This gives us a unique perspective and visibility to understand in great detail how resource demand is growing as player populations increase.

Over the past couple of weeks many of our partner’s games have experienced week-on-week growth, ranging from 20% to 100% across all platforms, with the increase in demand corresponding in many cases to regional quarantines.

However, thanks to the resiliency of our services and the dedication of our teams, we were able to meet this sudden surge in demand.

With a wide network of quality bare-metal data centers, along with technology and partnerships to scale into the best on-demand public clouds, including Google Cloud and AWS, our service has unparalleled levels of capacity, which means your games can continue to operate flawlessly.

Multiplay and the rest of Unity’s cloud services are here to support your games and server infrastructure during this time of unprecedented demand, when staying connected has never been more important.

This current huge demand for online games could affect your games in many different ways, for example:

  • Your game servers reaching capacity and negatively impacting player experience
  • Inability to scale due to inadequate back-end systems
  • Inability to scale due to supply chain issues with your provider
  • Ineffective support and live operations

These issues could, in turn, damage your player experience, retention, and revenue.

Our game server specialists at Multiplay and voice comms teams at Vivox are all hands on deck to ensure that your game is playable. With specialists and 24/7 support operations throughout Unity’s global network, our staff is ready to support you – even if we can’t make it to the office.

If you don’t currently work with the Multiplay team and need our support to de-risk your operation, then please get in touch.

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