Multiplay at Unite Copenhagen 2019 (recap and highlights!)

Unite is Unity’s flagship event, showcasing how Unity plans to empower its users in shaping the world with real-time 3D technology. For the big announcements from Unite, check out the keynote recap.

2019 was Multiplay’s biggest Unite since joining the Unity family, with several talks and dozens of conversations with Unity developers and fans over the four day event.

This blog will give you a brief overview of the juicy bits that Multiplay was involved in, so you can watch, read and enjoy!

Advanced matchmaking

Josie Messa and Caleb Atwood took to the stage to talk through the new Multiplay Matchmaker. Built on OpenMatch, this new managed service brings you completely extensible, flexible matchmaking that is fully integrated with Multiplay’s game server back-end.

This takes care of two of the trickiest components of hosting a real-time multiplayer game – grouping players together into a suitable match and ensuring that match is hosted in the most performant, cost-effective way possible.

This solution will be a closed beta for Multiplay customers only initially (we’ll blog more on that in the near future), with an open beta coming in 2020.

Scaling Legends: GaaS

Anyone who knows Multiplay will know Multiplay’s Larry Rye. As our Senior Solutions Engineer, Larry works with some of the biggest studios in the world, crafting solutions for the trickiest of game server hosting challenges.

In this talk Larry talked through a few of the challenges Multiplay and Respawn faced when scaling Apex Legends, one of the fastest growing games of all time, before delving into the world of Games as a Service (GaaS).

If you want to learn what it takes to create, operate and monetize a modern game, then this is a great starting point.

Hosting happy gamers: resolving bugs and patching holes

As one of Multiplay’s team of software engineers, Josie Messa has personally handled some of the biggest game server hosting challenges you could possibly face.

In this talk, Josie talks you through some of the many challenges Multiplay has overcome in our 20+ years of managing game server infrastructure. 

This is an excellent, approachable introduction to game server hosting, whether you’re a Multiplay customer or not.

MADFINGER Shadowgun War Games reveal

MADFINGER’s Shadowgun War Games was one of the most popular parts of Unite. The fast-paced mobile FPS is the first to use Multiplay’s services as part of Unity’s end-to-end ‘Connected Games’ stack (Unity Transport Package, Matchmaking, Game Server Hosting, and In-Game Communications).

Over the past few months, key members of several teams across Unity, Multiplay and Vivox have worked with MADFINGER to integrate new and existing technologies to showcase what the tech can do.

The result? A beautiful FPS with fair, low-latency gameplay, and seamless communications between players all battling it out to capture the flag. You can now sign up for the beta here.

For their Unite talk, Unity’s Head of Product for Cloud Services, Brandi House, and MADFINGER’s Lead Programmer, Vladimir Zadrazil (Zadr), took to the stage to talk through MADFINGER’s implementation of the stack. Zadr even showcased MADFINGER’s ‘multi-scene playmode’ – running several server and client instances in the editor (which you can jump to here).

For more on Connected Games, visit:

Got a question about any of the talks, or how Multiplay can help with your game server hosting? Get in touch.

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