“We love crazy ideas” – Talking fun and friendship with Splash Damage

Multiplay has been working with Splash Damage, helping them with game server hosting, for almost ten years. Multiplay’s Paul Manuel recently sat down with Splash Damage’s Fernando Rizo to talk about the relationship and why the two teams work so well together.


About Splash Damage

Building on the success of their mods for Quake 3, Splash Damage was founded in the UK in 2001 and quickly gained recognition for designing some of the most popular multiplayer maps around. This notoriety earned them relationships with top studios and publishers worldwide.

Since their modding days, Splash Damage has worked on some of the biggest IPs in the industry, such as Gears of War and Batman Arkham Origins, in addition to their own titles, like Dirty Bomb.

Multiplay, the official server provider for Dirty Bomb

In 2014 Splash Damage asked Multiplay to support the launch and hosting of Dirty Bomb. As a fast-paced and highly popular multiplayer FPS, it was essential that Dirty Bomb players had peak server performance, and Multiplay delivered.

Multiplay was engaged to:

  • Set up and manage dedicated game servers in Dirty Bomb’s key regions; North America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand and Brazil. The Multiplay team delivered a seamless experience to thousands of players worldwide.
  • Support the migration from Windows to Linux. In order to optimize back end infrastructure costs, Splash Damage wanted to migrate their servers from Windows to Linux, removing the cost (and load) of hosting Windows.
  • In addition to dedicated servers, Multiplay also offers rentable community servers direct to players. Multiplay continues to support the loyal Dirty Bomb community.

Talking to the team, Fernando Rizo, Director of Marketing for Splash Damage, talks fondly of the Multiplay team. “It never felt like a business relationship; it never has done with Multliplay. It feels like a friendship”, he said.

“We’ve done things like switch all the game servers from Windows to Linux, while the game was live, and Multiplay figured it out with us,” he added.

Paul Manuel, Multiplay’s Managing Director, agreed. “We prefer it when we’re in it together. We actually feel like we’re part of the game. We don’t create games, but we do power them… if you get that right, it can be a massive success, so we take that really, really seriously.”

Dirty Bomb hosting solution – Managed infrastructure

Splash Damage wanted the Dirty Bomb players around the world to enjoy a lag-free experience.

For this they opted for Managed Infrastructure, which meant reduced costs, without compromising on quality. Additionally, with Multiplay’s orchestration layer, the team benefited from monitoring tools and, with ‘zero downtime patching’, the team could rollout patches with minimal disruption to players.

About Dirty Bomb

A string of ‘dirty bomb’ attacks cripple London, leaving the Central Disaster Authority to restore it. When criminal syndicate Jackal begin disrupting and stealing their technology, the capital is thrown into chaos as mercenaries from across the globe are hired by both sides.

Battle it out for riches and glory in this free-to-play team-based first-person shooter that emphasizes teamwork and strategy over lone-wolf game play. With a large variety of mercenaries to choose from, there’s an option for most play styles.

Dirty Bomb is one of the most popular Steam games ever, being downloaded 9.5 million times and players clocking up over 36 million hours in the game. With over 54,000 reviews and a ‘very positive’ review score, it’s safe to say Dirty Bomb is a much loved game for many.

Multiplay continue to support and host Dirty Bomb, which is available to download on Steam. For more information about Splash Damage visit https://www.splashdamage.com/.

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