Multiplay customer experience – The total package

Gaming never sleeps, not really. Somewhere in the world, there are millions of gamers exploring, discovering, conquering and building. Which means in a studio nearby there’s a developer or liveops team watching a bank of monitors nervously.

It’s a stressful and time-consuming scene, which is why along with our exceptional hosting services, so many of our customers choose Multiplay’s professional services to support their games.

Our Customer Experience team is made up of two parts:

  • Technical Account Managers (TAMs for short). They proactively manage the technical elements of launching a game and work closely with customers to provide technical support before, during and after launch.  Being so embedded means they are ready to jump in and resolve issues as they arise. They eat, sleep and breathe the games they work on.
  • Technical Support. They are support engineers, not a triage service. They work through tickets, manage infrastructure and are a great first contact around APIs and systems. With a combined total of 45 years experience, passion for gaming and an average response time of 8 minutes – they are always online and ready to get into the technical nitty gritty.

All this is available to our customers 24/7/365 wherever they are in the world. Gaming never sleeps, and neither do we. The player experience is our key focus and with support around the clock from the Multiplay team, our customers rest easy.

To learn more about our support packages, or any other Multiplay service, get in touch today.


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