Mastering the Apex of Scaling Game Servers – GDC 2019

Did you miss Multiplay’s Developer Session at GDC 2019? Fear not, you can now watch the recording for free in the GDC vault!

Larry Rye, (Lead Solutions Engineer at Multiplay) is joined by Jon Shiring and Fred Gill from Respawn Entertainment to talk about how Respawn and Multiplay scaled Apex Legends to phenomenal numbers.

In the session they discuss:

  • How we make game launches boring, operationally.
  • The ways our infrastructure can enable success.
  • How our allocation technology works.
  • Our zero downtime patching solution.
  • How this can all work for your game

Check out the Developer Session here.

You can learn more about Hybrid Scaling here and, if you’ve got a question, we want to hear from you so get in touch.

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