Meet the Team: Larry Rye

Multiplay are the enterprise game server hosting specialists for some of the most loved games worldwide. In this blog series, you’ll learn little bit more about the people behind your smoothest online multiplayer experiences. 

What do you do at Multiplay?

I work in technical pre-sales, what we call a Solutions Engineer. I head up our global team and we are the technical right hand to our sales team. Our role is to facilitate technical discovery and design solutions that support our customers. We help guarantee you and your players receive an unbeatable experience while using Multiplay’s services.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Well that’s an interesting one! I would say there is no typical day working for Multiplay. On any given day we could be assisting with the launch of a new title, reviewing an integration with our Integrations Engineer, doing a deep dive into customer solutions with our Technical Account Managers to further improve performance, and also taking potential customers through our technology. Currently we support an international sales team, so my day could start at 7am and finish at 10pm, which reflects the dynamic nature of the challenges we are presented with; so that keeps things interesting.

What made you decide to work at Multiplay?

Well, I’ve always been passionate about video games. At the age of five I was asked what I wanted for Christmas by my parents. They were expecting me to say a train set, due to my obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine at the time. However, I asked for a computer, which made my parents a little sad because they’d already built a fantastic train set for me in the garage, but nevertheless I got my first computer that Christmas morning.

The Commodore 64 – what an awesome piece of technology! But I digress. I’d already been more than lucky that Christmas morning with the Commodore but I didn’t have any games… My Dad said to me “you don’t get any games, you’ve gotta make your own”. Then he handed me a programming manual. I was hooked – by that evening I’d made my own Space Invaders game.

But you asked why I decided to work for Multiplay. The simple answer is that being able to leverage my technical skills in the games industry was all the draw I needed. I studied to be a 3D animator at university but that was a hard world to break into. This role allowed me to build on my strengths and my technical foundations, while be part of an industry I love.

What cool projects are you working on?

I was the Solutions Engineer on Apex Legends, which was pretty career defining! However, over the past three years I’ve worked on Rocket League, Path of Exile, Call of Duty, PUBG and Gang Beasts and that’s only scratching the surface. Due to NDAs I’m not allowed to say much more than that unfortunately 😉!

Favorite online video game experience?

There are so many – I am a massive fan of World of Warcraft (well, practically anything that comes out of Blizzard HQ). One of the first games I played, that I will never forget, was called Panther. I was obsessed with that on the C64. On the Amiga it was Syndicate, Populous and Lemmings. For my 16 bit era I was all about Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Sonic and JRPGs. One stand out game was Secret of Mana, which I spent a lot of my life playing! Then, to be honest, it’s just snowballed from there. Through every generation of console and every development in 3D graphics from 3dfx to NVIDIA, I can’t get enough.

What are you most excited for in 2019 with Multiplay?

I think it is our continued integration with Unity. The new products and services we will be announcing this year and most fundamentally for me that everything we do is platform agnostic, which I love. I’m a big fan making our technology available to everyone! It’s something we’ve been doing for over twenty years, we know how to do this right and I want to help everyone have a flawless launch experience.

If you could be in any video game as a background character, what game would it be, who would you be, and why?

That’s a tough one. I think if I had had to make a choice it would be something timeless; Zelda or Mario. I’ve been a Nintendo fan since I played those games in the NES era. I’d be Mario and Luigi’s long lost sibling, their technically focused right-hand guy, who makes sure they get the right power ups just when they need them 👍.

Multiplay is located on the border of Hampshire’s beautiful New Forest, and populated with a diverse team dedicated to bringing people together in interactive experiences.

If you’re interested in joining our team (we’re hiring in other locations too!), check out our careers page. We’re always on the lookout for talented, passionate individuals to join us and help shape the future!

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