Meet the Team: Josie Messa

Multiplay are the enterprise game server hosting specialists for some of the most loved games worldwide. In this blog series, you’ll learn little bit more about the people behind your smoothest online multiplayer experiences.

The development team spend their time creating features and continuously improving our hybrid scaling platform. They’re constantly on the lookout for changes we can make to improve our customers’ experience and improve our support for games.

What do you do at Multiplay?

I’m a software developer in Multiplay’s development team! Specifically, I write in Go and have found my niche in understanding the allocations and scaling parts of our tech. I’m all about increasing code quality and automation (exciting stuff I know).

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Fixing bugs, pair programming, code reviews, consuming vast quantities of free chocolate and hopefully playing with any of the office doggos that come to visit.

We’re pretty good at keeping meetings to a minimum and collaborating on our work, which makes the office a really energetic place to be.

What made you decide to work at Multiplay?

I previously worked at an enterprise software company working on a cloud offering. Although I enjoyed the type of work I was doing, I couldn’t get that excited about the end result. When I heard there was a position for a software developer, with experience in Go, for a server hosting company, in the games industry, and just down the road from me – I knew I’d struck gold!

When I first visited the office I could see there was a good balance of existing technology and new problems to be solved. I knew I could learn a lot whilst making a difference. On top of that, the whole company is so willing to help and chip in any way that I felt I’d be really comfortable here.

What cool projects are you working on?

We’re constantly improving usability! We’re also learning a lot about what our system looks like under high stress and where we can make future game launches as seamless as possible.

Favorite online video game experience?

Do I have to choose one? Highlights include finally getting on the Battle Royale hype train with Apex Legends, playing TTT on Garry’s Mod and taking it too seriously, being taught how to play Dota 2 during competitive Dota 2 matches, most games on Dead by Daylight…

What are you most excited for in 2019 with Multiplay?

Seeing the company grow even more! We’ve had some great successes to start the year, so now it’s about building out tooling to enable more successes.

What’s your least favorite type of vegetable and why?

Cauliflower without the cheese. What is the point.

If you’re interested in joining our team, check out our careers page we’re always on the lookout for talented, passionate individuals to join us and help shape our future!

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