Multiplay goes global – announcing follow-the-sun support

The gaming world doesn’t sleep. Not really.

Somewhere in the world there are millions of gamers having sniper battles, rodeoing titans and scoring virtual hatricks, and servers going down is not an option.

Which means that somewhere nearby there’s probably a developer or liveops team watching a bank of monitors nervously.

It’s a familiar feeling for many of our clients, which is why so many choose Multiplay’s support team, for that added level of expertise and out-of-hours support.

And today we’re excited to announce that support just leveled up.

Introducing follow-the-sun support

After many years of supporting clients worldwide, working all hours, we’ve finally decided to let our UK team get some shut-eye. The team has now trebled in size, with the UK team now supported by teams in Seoul and Austin.

Follow-the-sun or “anytime, anywhere” support means you get access to the Multiplay support team 24/7/365 wherever you are in the world. A first for game hosting.

It’s part of a significant expansion that has been a necessary development for Multiplay. As we’ve taken on more clients in more locations, the level of support needed has increased.

Now, with a larger team of experts, we can support teams all around the globe, whatever time your players are online.

A few reasons why you’ll love the support from Multiplay:

  • Instant support from avid gamers
  • Average response time of 8 minutes over the past two years!
  • Combined total of 45 years experience in support/engineering
  • Above and beyond ethos
  • Not just a triage service; actual support engineers online 24/7/365

With many of the largest games on the market breaking ground in new territories, or looking for support in locations on a different time zone to their main dev team, these “boots on the ground” are a welcome sight.

Ultimately, it’s the player experience that matters and, with support around the clock from the Multiplay team, you can rest easy.

To learn more about our support packages, or any other Multiplay service, get in touch today.

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