Stitch Heads Entertainment partner with Multiplay to host new multiplayer pinball title, Kabounce

Stitch Heads Entertainment have partnered with Multiplay to host their new game, Kabounce. Due for full release on the 29th May 2018 on both PlayStation 4 & Steam, Kabounce is a team versus team, third person multiplayer pinball game in which you control the ball. In the game, up to 8 players can battle for points by hitting arena bumpers and using special abilities.

Multiplay’s game server hosting platform

Kabounce will be powered by Multiplay’s game server hosting platform, a scalable, resilient and cost-effective solution for massive real-time multiplayer games. The platform uses a hybrid scaling approach to deliver the best experience for players. A core of dedicated bare-metal server capacity is set in key locations around the world and combined with the cloud to automatically scale and allocate player capacity with any spikes in demand.

Multiplay’s hybrid cloud orchestration is proven technology and currently powers popular titles such as Titanfall 2, Gang Beasts, Rocket League and Battalion 1944.

About the partnership

Stitch Heads Entertainment & Multiplay first met at Gamescom in 2016 and have been working together since the early stages of pre-alpha.

Tim Baijens, Co-Founder of Stitch Heads Entertainment said on the partnership, “We were enticed by the prospect of stability, scaling and support that Multiplay offers. We want to ensure our game is playable at launch and beyond, whatever happens… I personally enjoy working on the multiplayer aspect a lot, even though it adds many complexities in development.”

Paul Manuel, Managing Director of Multiplay said, “The team is delighted to be working with Stitch Heads Entertainment. The game is a really fresh, unique concept that we haven’t seen before. Stitch Heads are a super-talented and small team of developers and artists. We really enjoy working with the team on the server infrastructure. Looking after the infrastructure gives them the time they need to focus on amazing gameplay and growing their community.”

Pre-orders for Kabounce on PlayStation 4 are available now in Europe. For more information visit:

About Stitch Heads Entertainment

Stitch Heads Entertainment is a games studio based in Breda, the Netherlands. The company was founded in 2015, by three NHTV University alumni Tim, Bart and Jos. They share a passion for developing engaging multiplayer games with an emphasis on unique gameplay. Since incubation, Stitch Heads Entertainment has expanded to 6 full-time developers, and 5 part-time developers.

About Multiplay

Multiplay is a leading specialist in global game server infrastructure. Multiplay’s hybrid cloud technology powers some of the world’s largest online games, automatically scaling to meet global player demand. Multiplay’s hybrid approach seamlessly blends a global network of bare-metal servers with the flexible burst capacity from the leading cloud providers. A 24/7 team of gaming specialists provide round-the-clock monitoring and support to ensure players around the globe get the very best online gaming experience.

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