Boneloaf and Multiplay partner to host online game Gang Beasts

Multiplay & Boneloaf are excited to announce a new partnership to provide game server hosting for the early access online game Gang Beasts.

Since the Gang Beasts online beta in August 2016, Boneloaf have been working with a small team at partners Coatsink to finish the content and systems for the full game.

The transition to Multiplay gives the official Gang Beasts servers a scalable, low-latency, and managed hosting platform maintained by a dedicated team of Multiplay game server specialists. Multiplay’s Hybrid Cloud Orchestration platform provides significant performance and stability improvements over the current Gang Beasts server platform and makes use of a network of bare metal and cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to manage server capacity and availability.

Multiplay’s technology and toolkit scales automatically based on player demand to deliver a high-quality, low-latency player experience. This award-winning technology, coupled with Multiplay’s many years in hosting some of the biggest multiplayer titles, bring multiple advantages including quicker matchmaking, DDoS protection, improved reliability and zero-downtime patching on a tried-and-tested platform. Multiplay hosts some of the most successful multiplayer titles including Titanfall 2 & Killing Floor 2.

James Brown, Director at Boneloaf said, “we’re excited to work with Coatsink and Multiplay to build support for online game modes on an optimised, scalable, and extensible server platform as limiting the scope for networking issues and exposing support for private game sessions (and other online game modes) are key development objectives that we needed to meet before releasing the full game.”

“Gang Beasts is a very special fun and social game with huge potential”, said Paul Manuel Digital Director, Multiplay. “We’ve enjoyed being part of the team and can’t wait to see the game develop and push toward full launch on both PC & PS4. We love the game and see our role as its guardians by providing the very best lag-free player experience 24/7 around the world.”

Gang Beasts is currently in Early Access on Steam and the Oculus Store and is scheduled for Full Release on Steam and PS4 in the coming months.

To stress test the server architecture and networking scheme Boneloaf are temporarily making Gang Beasts free as a Steam Free Weekend game from 10am PDT / 6pm BST on Thursday 21 September to 1pm PDT / 9pm BST on Sunday 24 September.

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About Boneloaf

Boneloaf is a small independent game studio set up to make a series of experimental party games informed by an adolescence spent watching cartoons, drawing pictures, and playing multiplayer arcade games. In 2015, Boneloaf partnered with Coatsink to assist with various technical aspects of game development, including online multiplayer and VR modes.”

Gang Beasts is published by Double Fine™. The game has sold significant numbers on Steam Early Access to date and has a significant following on Youtube with numerous leading gaming influencers playing the game.

About Multiplay

Founded in 1997, Multiplay is the Game Server Hosting specialist, who have hosted hundreds of games across PC and consoles. Notably games they have hosted recently include AAA titles such as Titanfall 2 & Killing Floor 2 across PC, Xbox One and PS4 platforms. Their services in this area include cloud orchestration which enables their clients to provide a better player experience, reduce risk across multiple cloud providers and save millions of dollars on their hosting requirements.

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