Multiplay Gameservers is now a sponsor of Sponge

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Multiplay Gameservers is proud to be a sponsor of Sponge. Sponge is a plugin development framework for Minecraft created by a global community, and its open-source nature means anyone can participate. Sponge is highly innovative and has a proficient and experienced development team behind it. We at Multiplay are happy to provide the infrastructure that Sponge need in order to circulate to you.    

Sponge can be installed alongside Forge Mods for Minecraft 1.8+. The platform provides an efficient and powerful way for Minecrafters to create and implement plugins that they would like to use on their server. There’s a growing number of powerful plugins that can be installed on the server, each with their own easy to use configs. Sponge aims to both complement the existing Forge ecosystem and to improve upon the role formerly occupied by the Bukkit platform. Development on the Sponge platform is currently continuing rapidly, with a Beta release expected within the next several months.



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