Multiplay Gameservers are announcing Don’t Starve Together Game Servers

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Imagine being dropped into the world with nothing. Now imagine that world full of strange creatures, dangers, and sanity reducing darkness. If this sounds like your idea of fun, then “Don’t Starve Together” is the game for you!

You can choose to work together with your friends in a private world or take your chances with strangers to survive the harsh environment. Craft weapons to fend off monsters and hunt for food, use your resources to cook and store food, and use your brain and SCIENCE! to survive.

Playable across PC and MAC, Don’t Starve Together is a brand new early access standalone expansion, in which we here at Multiplay Gameservers are proud to be hosting.

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With a Multiplay Don’t Starve Together Gameserver you and your friends will be able to use your imagination to hunt, gather, work together and craft various items. All within a randomly generated world. Are you ready to see who can survive the longest?

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Do whatever it takes, but most importantly, DON’T STARVE!


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