Starbound Winter Update: New biomes, combat overhaul, and 25% off Multiplay Gameservers

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Starbound’s infinite procedural world just got infinite-er with the launch of their Winter Update. Featuring a massive swathe of content including a brand new playable race, personal ship AI, ship upgrades, modifiable UI and even humble bug-catching, this update provides even more to explore, build, defeat and befriend on top of the already packed Starbound base game… and best of all, it’s completely free!

As part of the Winter Update, Multiplay Gameservers is offering 15% off Starbound gameservers, allowing you and your friends to explore this brand new world. As the official server provider for Starbound, you’ll gain access to our 24/7 support team and be able to select from one of over two dozen server locations across the globe.

To claim this offer, just head to our Starbound servers page now.

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