Help Playtest upcoming game Fractured Space and receive a free top-tier Early Access package!

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Fractured Space is the brand new upcoming team-based space combat game from the developers behind Strike Suit Zero, and they’ve got a unique opportunity for you to get involved with development whilst receiving some awesome rewards.

Prior to Fractured Space entering Early Access on November 20th, Edge Case Games are recruiting playtesters for their new game. You’ll be able to try out the game before anyone else, and shortly after the 20th you’ll receive their top-tier Early Access package as a thankyou for your participation. Make sure to use the code EDGE-MLTPLY when signing up!

Fractured Space is bold, ambitious, and takes something we all love – epic space battles – to lofty new heights. Matches take place between two fleets of five players; you can completely customise your ship-type and class loudouts, tailoring your craft to your specific combat preferences. With multiple loadouts and a plethora of ships on the horizon, this is a super-customisable competitive online experience with a focus on ship knowledge and tactical adaptation; it’s all of the intensity of a shooter layered over the big-picture-thinking of a high-level strategy game.

Signups are extremely limited, so if you’re interested head to the official page now to register your interest. All of the team here at Multiplay will be joining in, and we look forward to seeing what sort of deadly space-dominating combinations you guys come up with.

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