Almost two decades of the Multiplay Community, and still going strong…

Our core community is at the heart of what we do. They are the gamers that, at events, turn up in their thousands. They are the people who, on our worldwide gaming network, play almost every night. They are the members who, on our forums and social media, communicate to us their thoughts and feelings, allowing us to feed that back into the actions we take. We’ve talked about why we do what we do… but they’re who we do it for.

You can participate in this growing community! It’s as simply as becoming a member, and is absolutely free. You don’t have to own a server, or buy a ticket to our events; just create an account and join in!

Community Forums

The cornerstone of the Multiplay community

The forums are the hub of the Multiplay community, with topics, forums and threads on just about everything you could ever want to know about our events or online gaming network. They’re your one-stop-shop for everything you could wish to know about Multiplay, and with over 1,000,000 posts it’s definitely the place to start if you are new to the community.

From just saying hello to finding new people to play games with, our community are a friendly bunch that will help you out if they can. It is also the place where we post lots of our key information first, so make sure you keep an eye out and be the first to know what’s happening!

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Our Social Media Presence

How we interact with the people who matter most; the gamers

Social media is here to stay, and like any awesome technology company we have embraced the likes of Facebook and Twitter as a key way to keep in touch with you, the gamers. We keep our social media channels updated with all the happenings here at Multiplay, and you can also join in the fun with the rest of the community every day!

We also embrace the likes of YouTube & for our video content, and Flickr for our event photography, so make sure you check them out!