Announcing the launch of our Minecraft Server Starter Pack – The easiest and cheapest way to play Minecraft online with friends

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Want to play Minecraft online with your friends? We’re happy to announce the launch of our Minecraft Server Starter Pack; the easiest, cheapest, and best way to get you or your child online with their friends. With the Starter Pack you don’t need to know anything technical. For just £2.77 per month, you can play Minecraft online; there’s no fiddling with settings or any of that other complex stuff, our easy to use Clanforge control panel handles all of that for you. 

We’ve been hosting Minecraft servers since the early days of the game, helping to connect people online on high quality low latency hardware. One of our main points of feedback was that people wanted an easy to use, easy to setup, cheap, simple product that lets players play with friends online with no hassle and no fuss. That’s where the concept for our Starter Pack came from; it’s for anyone who wants to play online easily, quickly, cheaply, and safely. 

The Minecraft Server Starter Pack is specifically tailored to entry level players and requires no technical expertise whatsoever. One of the key benefits is that if you decide you want to add some of the advanced features, you can easily and instantly upgrade to our Complete Pack

As with all our online products, it comes with 24/7 support from our dedicated team plus a variety of other great features listed below. If you want a server this is a great package and our recommended entry point into the incredible online world that is Minecraft.

Order your Starter Pack from just £2.77 per month:


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