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Play on one of the biggest online gaming networks in the world

You look down the scope of your rifle and see your friend’s face, unaware. You glance in your wing mirror to see a family member closing behind you, racing to overtake. You peer through the window at the zombie horde outside, and yell out to your partner in fear. Online gaming is an experience like no other, and we are committed to bringing you the highest quality online multiplayer experiences possible.

A Multiplay Gameserver isn’t just a gameserver, it’s a promise. With over 26 server locations in 11 countries covering 60+ gaming titles, we can get you exactly what you need, exactly when you want it, instantly. Included with all our gameservers is access to our support team: A dedicated 24/7 fully-staffed department of like-minded gaming technical support operatives who can help resolve your server issues. Come and find out why many hundreds of thousands of gamers play on over 32,000 of our servers every night.

Our online staff work with both publishers and developers to get you online in the latest and greatest games available. Our competitive pricing affords fantastic performance for any budget, but that’s not all: Great support, the intuitive yet powerful Clanforge® web interface, and our global server locations have all contributed to our reputation as one of the world’s top gameserver hosts.

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Attend the UK’s biggest gaming festival, and more

You’re sat, hunkered down in your bunker… the last man left alive. As the enemy team cross the threshold you open fire, taking out one or two of them before they swarm and overcome you. As the screen fades to black, you stand up, walk fifteen paces, and shake the hand of the person who finally got you. The battle might be over, but the war has just begun. Then you both eat an ice cream.

Our events are how we started, and will always be a major factor in what we do. Whether you’re bringing your own PC or console and staying for the entire weekend, or just visiting as a spectator for a day or two, Insomnia is the place to be for videogame advocates and enthusiasts across the country and beyond. Videogames are often seen as an isolating activity, but our events and the grassroots community that has grown up around them turn that notion on its head: We bring the triumphs and tragedies of online gaming, and place them in an awesomely sociable environment.  Come and plug yourself in alongside thousands of other like-minded players.

Not just for seasoned gamers, our events are a great introduction for new LANgoers and visitors alike. With a huge exhibition hall, epic tournaments, and awesome activities to get involved in, it’s never been a better time to attend one of our events as a spectator, either for the day or the whole weekend. All it takes to participate is to take the first step below.

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Compete for fun and profit in the fastest-growing spectator sport

Competitive gaming, commonly known as esports, was where we began. Our humble beginnings involved a Doom 2 tournament being played modem-to-modem over twenty years ago. Dial-up noises still haunt some of our dreams. Over those twenty years we’ve expanded our business to other gaming-related areas, but it will always be both a duty and privilege to be able to help expand, organise, and further the cause of esports across the globe.

Esports is gaining popularity, which makes us happy as we’ve been pioneering competitive gaming events & tournaments for over 20 years. We work with players, sponsors, and partners to bring an edge of experience and professionalism to some of the largest esports events in the world today. However, esports isn’t just for full-time professionals; It can be for anyone with a drive to play competitively within a gaming environment. Anyone can get involved at any time, no matter what level you are, and there are a wide selection of games for you to pick from. Find your niche today and jump in!

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Share with and participate in the growing Multiplay community

Our core community is at the heart of what we do. They are the gamers that, at events, turn up in their thousands. They are the people who, on our worldwide gaming network, play almost every night. They are the members who, on our forums and social media, communicate to us their thoughts and feelings, allowing us to feed that back into the actions we take. We’ve talked about why we do what we do… but they’re who we do it for.

You can participate in this growing community! It’s as simply as becoming a member, and is absolutely free. You don’t have to own a server, or buy a ticket to our events; just create an account and join in!

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